Calder's Class Notes

Mid-semester update

From Dr. Calder

Congratulations! We have reached the half-way point in the semester. It is important to keep the momentum going until the end. Success is just a few weeks away. Students have been working hard and submitting some wonderful, creative work. Below, you will see examples of some of the 7th graders projects.

Heraldry Projects from Language Arts 7A

Reminders about MLA Formatting

Sometimes, it is easy to forget all the requirements of MLA Formatting. Here are some Resources to help:
MLA Help Weebly

MLA Set up Video


Reading Shakespeare can be a challenge. Here are some resources to help students in English Lit/Comp with reading Macbeth.
Audio version

Modern English translation
Big image

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember that GaVS has a holiday from Nov. 23 to Nov. 27. Happy Thanksgiving and don't eat too much turkey!