October Week 3

Greetings Kinder Parents

The kinders were counting down till the Fall Bash Moster Mash; and I know they can't till Oct 30th to show off their costumes. They had a nice week, and as usual they were engaged in various academic yet fun activities.

What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts

1. Letters F, V, and O

Phonics: We focused on sounding the letters F, V, and O through repetition and showing pictures of words that begin with the letters F, V, and O.

2. Dictionary Words

They colored, cut, and pasted pictures of words with initial F, V, and O. Then they organized them alphabetically on their dictionary notebooks.

3. Sight Words

4. Constructing Words & Rhyming

They made words from the at, in, and an family (e.g. cat, bat, fan, man, tin, Fin) on their white boards.


1. Numbers 41-50

  • They wrote numbers 41-50 on their math journal
  • They decomposed numbers 41-50 using counters (ones & tens counters).

2. Estimation & measurement

They estimated and measured items in the classroom using rulers.

3. Skip counting by 10s

Social Studies


  • We reviewed major holidays observed during the year.
  • We discussed the traditions of Halloween and every student shared what they like about Halloween.


Insects vs. Spiders

  • We reviewed the differences between insects and arachnids
  • They made insects or spiders using Styrofoam balls.


  • They were introduced to bats
  • They the about body parts


Fine Motor Skills

They practiced writing uppercase and lowercase F, V, and O on their writing journals and on their Zaner Bloser Handwriting book.

Questions to Ask your Child

Language Arts

· What does the letter F o V make?

· What does the letter O make?

· Name some of the words that begin with the letter F, V, or O.

· What rhymes with cat, can, and tin?


Skip count by 10s to 100.

Social Studies

What do people do in Halloween?


· What’s the difference between insects and spiders?

· Are bats birds or mammals? Why?


Oct 30rd:

  • PTO Pizza/ Casual Friday
  • If your child doesn’t eat pizza, please pack lunch for him/her.
  • The students come to school in casual apparel.
  • The costume & accessories should be packed in bag labeled with the child’s name.
  • Each costume piece should be labeled with the child’s name.
  • No weapon toys ( toy guns and swords are not allowed)
  • The Spooktacular Halloween showcase (Halloween musical) is from 1:30-2:15.
  • Trunk or Treat is from 2:15-3:15