CTE Internship- Fall 2014

Haley Wagoner - Millers Creek Christian School

What qualities or characteristics do you see in the people around you that you want to develop in yourself?

One of the many characteristics that I see in the children, that I wish to develop in my self is the understanding that the children have toward one another. To the children, it does not matter what their favorite color is, how they dress, or which toy they choose to play with, they just enjoy being in one another's company. Another quality that I have found in the children, is how willing the children are to help. Even if they are having to clean up a mess that they did, or did not make, they are willing to work together to get it cleaned, or even solve a problem together.

What special personal qualities does one need to be successful in this organization? Do you have or can you attain these qualities? Can you see yourself working in this industry for several years? Why or why not?

To be successful in this organization, you have to demonstrate personal qualities such as, patience (most of the time children will push you to see how far they can go, by not listening, or ignoring something you asked of them, and it is important to be patient and remember that they are children), conscientiousness (you have to carefully watch over the children too make sure that they are not in harms way, because children like to climb, jump, run, and stick things in their mouths), and most of all you have balance out playing around with the children, and still letting them know that you are the boss (it is important to get on their level of understanding). I think that throughout this experience I have most definitely attained these qualities. Also, through this experience I have considered going to college for teaching instead of nursing, because I can see myself doing this the rest of my life, and I enjoy it. However, I am still unsure on the path I want to take.
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Here are some of the boys, Zeke, Ethan, Lanson, and Caden. In a video that I had taken right before this, they were tackling me while I was in the floor playing around with them, and then they decided to look sweet instead of wild for a picture.

What different personalities have you encountered and how have you dealt with them?

Some of the different personalities I have encountered through the children have been sweet, loving, caring, hateful, wild, dependent, and independent, I have just about seen it all. I have children that will jump at the chance to argue with me, and I just have to explain to them what is expected of them. I have children that will come in everyday and give me a hug, which I love, it melts my heart. I have children that are the same age but vary extremely different when it come to feeding themselves or using the bathroom and wiping themselves, and you just have to learn the child and the needs of each one.

How are teamwork and collaboration utilized at your work site?

I work with another girl that is also my age. We have to use teamwork so that we can clean, prepare snack, take children to the bathroom, and watch over them. If it is just one of us, then there is no way that we can get everything accomplished. The children also use teamwork while they play with each other, and clean up together, by dividing the tasks.
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Just a goup picture, of Nick, Lanson, Caden, Waylon, Lydia, Emma, and Ellie.

How has your view of life beyond high school changed or developed during your internship?

My view on life beyond high school has developed during this internship, because I have gotten a taste of the real world, by working. I now understand what it is to have to work for my money, and budget it so that I have enough each month, for gas, food, payments, and knowing what I will have left over. I have also gotten a taste on what it is like to have children. I know that having these kids three and a half hours a day is no where near having one full time, but I have gotten a feel for what it is like to have someone be dependent on you.