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The Journey Starts with ME!

Be Proactive April 2015 Issue #1

Predict ~ Prevent ~ Plan ~ Participate ~ Perform


We would like to start by welcoming you all to the first issue of the Leader in Me newsletter at Ingleborough Public School. This newsletter is dedicated to the energetic and passionate staff that makes Ingleborough a wonderful place to work, laugh and play. As you know, we started the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People program upon the opening of the school. As the school has grown we have welcomed new, energetic people to join our journey of growth and change.

This newsletter is designed to provide us (the staff) with a place to learn more about the 7 Habits and to find out ways to implement the habits into our personal and professional lives.

In addition, our newsletter will be a place for us to share our thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas about the 7 Habits. It is a forum for us to help each other, develop trust, gain perspective and work on mutual understanding…a paradigm shift, perhaps.

In order to share, an anonymous form has been developed through Google, where staff can write to the editors of the Leader in Me newsletter. You can share questions, concerns, stories, articles, quotes or whatever you feel will inspire growth, as we take this journey together. Each month, your insights will be shared in the newsletter. If you would like to share, click the link below.

The Ingleborough LIM Team

How can I Be Proactive?

Personal and Professional Tips


☻Make a “To-Do” list

☻Make a detailed plan of your week, month and beyond

☻Change the oil and rotate the tires on your vehicle

☻Always consider the consequences of your words – be immaculate with your words

☻Be an active participant in the decisions that affect you and the people around you – step up!!


☻ Do you react to the events happening around you or do you take initiative to prepare for, participate in and/or control the events?

☻ Do you take an active or passive role? Do you think in terms of the present or do you look to the future, anticipating outcomes and preparing for the consequences?

☻ Do you make a decision only when you have to, when you’re backed into a corner or when you’ve put it off for as long as you can? Or do you make conscious decisions as part of a larger, long-term plan?

Be Proactive

1. Remain Calm

2. Take Responsibility

3. Think Before you Act

4. Focus on the Best Solution

5. Take Initiative to Make Things Happen


Accountability Partners

We are hoping that you have all been able to have ongoing communication with your accountability partners. As you share your personal and professional goals and achievements be sure to practice Habit 5 - Listen Before You Talk. As we near the end of another year, having weekly check-in's may be beneficial. Your accountability partner may be the person who helps you stay ahead of the stress of report cards, year end procedures, moving classrooms, personal commitments, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (getting exercise and rest). Most of all, be sure to celebrate your (and their) achievements!

We would like to get some feedback regarding accountability partners. If you would like to provide feedback, please click this link.

Looking Forward to May 2015!

We are looking forward to adding your insight into the next issue of the Leader In Me - Ingleborough Newsletter. Be sure to share!

In the next issue....

What's an Eagle Boost?

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How to get it all done without the stress!

Hang in there Ingleborough Eagles!!

Your Ingleborough LIM Team