how can constuction hurt the enviroment?

Some ways constuction can hurt the land

Construction removes vegetation then that will cause weathering and erosion. That will be bad because we don't want to relive the dust bowl again. Construction also loses arable land that farmers can use for livestock and crops. Construction on steep slopes with the removal of trees and other vegetation can cause erosion on the slope.

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Purpose for construction

Construction can make jobs for people around the world. Just because your parents said you need to be like the them does not mean you can't follow your long life passion. Construction also makes places for us to live, eat, and shop. I don't know what I would do without a place to live, shop, or eat.

Disadvantages of construction

As I have said construction has used a lot of land. It loses vegetation all the time!! Construction also consumes resources we use to live. In different parts of the world each resource is different. The loss of top soil also happens. This is caused by heavy metal equipment. This soil holds the most biological activity, organic matter , and plant nutrients- all key components of healthy soil.

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Solutions to help solve disadvantages

One solution is to recycle more. If we recycle more than less of our resources will be consumed. If we also recover the ground in vegetation, mulch, gravel less soil will be blown away.