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Pine Run Elementary School Newsletter APRIL 2016



Announcing a new breakfast option!!!!

The Morning Snack Pack is a grab-n-go breakfast to be eaten immediately or later in the day.

In each bag is an assortment of whole grain items to meet a variety of taste preferences, fruit, and a bottle of water. Students may also select milk, 100% fruit juice, or additional fresh fruit as part of the meal. The price is just $1.65.

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Communication is KEY!

Anthony Robbins once said, "The quality of your communication is the quality of your life".

If this is true, how important is parent-teacher communication?

Researchers say......VERY!!!

Teachers are the people parents entrust with their most precious gifts every day. Teachers recognize this important honor and responsibility. Just as parents are working hard at home, so too are teachers in schools. Because parents and teachers are on the same team, with the same goals of safety and success in mind, thus their ability to communicate effectively and respectfully is paramount.

To achieve productive relationships and dialogs, it is wise for educators and parents to acknowledge that children can inspire the strongest emotions (and fears) within most parents. Plus, living in an imperfect world, mishaps do occur in both homes and schools. Misinformation or an isolated amount of information, can easily spark confusion and frustration on both ends. To avoid these pitfalls, and to foster effective collaboration, teachers and parents must rely on quality communication.

Quality communication isn’t just about one party telling the other facts as they know them. It’s about all participants asking questions, and listening. It's about reciprocal perspective-taking and consideration of circumstances. It's about sending kind, clear messages and working together to find common ground, as well as positive next steps. It's about adults coming together to support their combined efforts to help children learn and grow.

Quality communication requires timeliness and respectful dialogs on everyone's part. Going directly to the source to gain insight, understanding, and assistance is always a great first step. Teachers should reach out to parents whenever a situation (both positive or negative) warrants it. Parents should do the same when issues and questions arise at home. While agreement may or may not be achieved, schools and families can optimize the education of their children through effective communication. In doing so, they model the skills we hope to pass on to all our children.

For more communication ideas see How Parents and Teachers Should Talk to Each Other.

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The Pros and Cons of standardized testing is a topic of much debate.

Yet, regardless of your stance, here are a few advantages that all schools, parents, and students can benefit from.

Standardized testing:

  1. Gives teachers guidance to help them determine what to teach and when to teach it.

  2. Gives parents an idea of how their children are doing as compared to students locally and across the country.

  3. Allows students’ progress to be tracked over several years.

  4. Provides an accurate comparison across groups for schools. (For example, they make it easy to see how boys are performing as compared to girls in a particular subject area.)

  5. Offers reliable and objective measures of student achievement. Multiple-choice tests, in particular, are graded by machine and therefore are not subject to human subjectivity or bias.

  6. Helps focus instruction on essential content and skills.

  7. Is a natural part of teaching and learning. The US Department of Education stated: "Although testing may be stressful for some students, testing is a normal and expected way of assessing what students have learned."

  8. Prepares students to take similar tests at every level of education, including high school and college.

  9. Prepares students to take similar tests for employment. Most professions, including physicians, lawyers, real-estate brokers, and pilots all take standardized tests to ensure they have the necessary knowledge for their professions.

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Morning Sessions of PSSA


Tuesday April 12

Wednesday April 13

Thursday April 14

Friday April 15

Mathematics- Grades 3-6

Monday April 18

Tuesday April 19

Wednesday April 20

Science- Grade 4

Tuesday April 26

Wednesday April 27

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CLICK HERE to open our Pine Run 2015-2016 Directory. It is a password protected document. The password has been sent to PR families via our infinite Campus E-Mail Messenger.
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Check-out our Pine Run Parent Handbook on our school website. Click here for a direct link!

Food Services!!

  • Breakfast Meal-$1.65 - Reduced price $0.30
  • Lunch Meal-$2.60 - Reduced price $0.40
  • Milk $0.75

For more information regarding Aramark Food Services, including menus, please visit their web page.

CB Cares

The partnership between CBCEF and the Central Bucks School District is long-standing. Since its inception, CBCEF has been involved in promoting the 40 Developmental Assets in our local schools through programs and trainings, with the goal of fostering positive behaviors and values in our community’s youth. At the present time, there are many active school programs which represent the mission of CBCEF - serving as a community catalyst by engaging, empowering, and linking people, organizations and businesses in the community.

40 Assets- CB Cares

April: #25 Reading for Pleasure. Young person reads for pleasure most days of the week, either alone, with family members, or with friends.

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