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Domitian was born in 51 AD in Rome, and Vespasian and Flavia were his parents. Titus was his older brother, and Titus became emperor , but once his brother passed away from unknown causes, Domitian became emperor on September 14, 81 AD.

Domitian's Reign

Domitian was an arrogant and cruel ruler; he executed three innocent virgins to put fear over the citizens. While he was emperor, he raised pay for the military, and he forced all citizens to call him "master and god". Domtian ruled during the Flavian dynasty, and he was married to Domitia Longina. In AD 85, he pronounced himself perpetual censor which gave him unlimited power. He forced Jews and christians to pay most of the taxes.



Domitian's Death

Domitian was assasinated in 96 AD. Stephanus and an accomplice were the murderers, but it was such a struggle to kill him, that Stephanus died in the process. The citizens were relieved to know that such a horrible ruler no longer had power over them.

Domitian's effect

While Domitian was emperor, he affected the empire in a negative way by installing fear into the citizens and executing people. He only ruled for 15 years.


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