Islam religion

Saudi Arabia


They worship in mosques. Their holy text is called the Koran. The founder of Islam was Muhammad. Started in Saudi Arabia in 610


1. Believe in God

2. Believe in angels

3. Believe in God's revealed books

4. Believe in prophets and messengers of God

5. Believe in the day of judgment 6. Believe in Al-Qadar

5 pillars of Islam

1. Believe in Allah and that Muhammad is his last messenger

2. Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca

3. Fast during the daylight hours of Ramadan

4. Give alms money to charity's and to help build mosques

5. Make a Hajj or Journey to Mecca if possible

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Muharram- Islamic new year

Maw lid al-Nabi- Muhammad's birthday

Eid al-Fitr- the celebration at the end of Ramadan

Days of worship

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


The birth rite- which formally marks a followers entry into Islam, wedding cerrimonies, and funerals


They aren't allowed to eat certain foods. Like pork, slaughtered animals, blood, meat that Allan's name isn't pronounced in, and alcoholic beverages.


The women have to wear modest clothes and a veil that covers their head. Men have to wear a loose long sleved ankle length dress.


The language they speak is Arabic

Important attractions- Dumat al Jundal, Jamarat Bridge, and the Kaaba

Government- Islam does not correspond to any of the existing forms of government.

Money- Saudi riyal

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