The Daily Update

By Matthew Eichstadt

School Upgrades Parking Lot With New Entrances

Lake Highlands High School in Dallas, Texas, has made a major stand over the treacherous navigation problem that surrounds parking lots. After a few crashes occurred, the school has decided to upgrade their junior parking lot by creating only one entrance and exit into the parking lot. This way, everyone will be much safer, with only minimal convenience loss to everyone who parks there.

We were able to speak to Dr. Dremond, the engineer behind this massive undertaking, and get his ideas behind the upgrade. "Because everyone will be trying to go to the exact same place at the same time, there is no cross traffic, making everyone safer. If people have other exits to go out of, there would be much more traffic and become more dangerous for everyone." Thanks to Dr. Dremond and the rest of the controlling staff who made this decision, everyone who parks in the "j-lot" is now much safer and less prone to crashing, just because they all have to go to the same exit. Its amazing how one upgrade could be so genius and simple at the same time, saving everyone from the scary experience of crashing.

After talking to Dr. Dremond about the new improvements, we decided to go around and get some feedback from students. After speaking to more of the campus and taking a poll, we have concluded that a whopping 87% of the students and faculty approve the upgrade to the parking lot, stating; "I appreciate the extra safety," and, "There is just too much good that comes along with this adjustment." The thirteen percent that did not approve of this upgrade actually had parents who worked in the insurance or vehicle repair business, and really just want their parents to make more money off of the crashed vehicles. Since the school took the educated route and had the process taken care of over the summer, all the happy students were delighted to come back and see all the work that had been done.

We were able to take a quick break and talk to Juliet Romeo, a current junior at the school who was willing to talk to us. "I really like what they have done with the Junior lot," says Juliet, "since we are all trying to get to the same spot, there is a lot of waiting time to get on my social media and see whats going on in the world. Plus, since its so much easier to try and fight my way past all the other cars on my way out, I don't have to worry about my insurance going up in a crash."

After the success of this improvement was obvious at the beginning of the year, the school has decided to upgrade the senior parking lot as well. "I cant wait for our parking lot to be as safe and accessible as the J-lot," says one student, who is very excited for the new improvements. If you enjoyed this story, come back later in the year to find more on the senior lot upgrades.