Reading Learning Model

By: Dylan Dorschner

Standards That I Will Address in This Model:

6.RL.1 - Quote accurately from a text when explaining what the text says.

6.RL.2 - Determine a theme of a story using details from the text.

6.RL.9 - Compare and contrast stories in different genres on their approaches to similar themes and topics.

I will show my main genre book (Wolf Storm) in the separate sections and in the genre study I will compare another adventure book that I read (Surviving Antarctica) and a fantasy book (Harry Potter) that I read. I go more in depth on my main book Wolf Storm.


The theme in Wolf Storm is Acceptance, because the characters in the book dislike each other. Because on page 47 Stefan the main character is doing a movie scene and he accidentally gets fake goo on the professional movie actress Raine. She says "I can't work with a amatuer!" so she wants to get rid of Stefan. But there are many other themes. I say that because they are stuck in the log cabin during a blizzard and they have to Persevere until morning. They also get stuck in another blizzard and have to work together and use Teamwork in order to survive.


In Wolf Storm the main characters are Stefan, Jeremy, and Raine. On page 112, they are stuck inside the cabin hotel during a blizzard that knocks out the power. Raine is worried because one of the wolves and her dog is gone, also she found drops of blood in the kitchen and the cook is gone so she blames cecil an old man that he murdered the cook. Stefan thinks that she's crazy and over dramatic because he thought so on page 108.


The setting takes place in the present in the snowy mountains. They are in a log cabin hotel trying to film a movie. On page 79, a wolf gets hurt during the making of the film. So people go with the wolf to get help and see if he's OK. Everybody else goes to town and sleeps there, except for some people where they just went for dinner. While there gone a blizzard kicks up and Stefan, Raine, And Jeremy are stuck there for the night. That is one of the many settings.


In Wolf Storm Stefan and Raine mostly fight and disagree with each other. But they take chances and make hard decisions. Stefan and Raine don't like each other. Stefan is ok with Raine but he thinks that she's over dramatic and he goes out of his way to help her and he feels that it's useless. So the conflict could be character vs character or it could be character vs self. I think the best one is character vs self because they have to make their own decisions and also it kinda ties or compares to Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, because Harry has to make his own decisions and go alone because nobody believes him so he is facing his own self.

Genre Study (Comparing And Contrasting)

The adventure books Surviving Antarctica and Wolf Storm are the 2 books I will be comparing to Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. In Surviving Antarctica Billy, Robert, Andrew, Grace, and Polly are all the main characters. In Wolf Storm the main characters are Stefan, Raine, and Jeremy. In Harry Potter the main characters are Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They are all the same in one or more ways, one of those ways is that they all make their own decisions and challenge their own ways. They are all different because they are all their own people because on page 214 in Surviving Antarctica Robert is bossing around everybody but Andrew stands up and says "I'm going to make my own decisions and do whatever I want."

The theme in the adventure books are Perseverance. In Harry Potter the theme is Work Hard. The themes are similar because they both have teamwork in order to make it up. They are different because they need to Persevere to get the prize. But in Harry Potter he has to sneak around and figure out the secrets of Hogwarts without getting in trouble or caught. In Wolf Storm on page 69, Raine says "I want this amateur fired!" to Stefan.

The setting in Wolf Storm is: A log cabin in some snowy mountains. The setting in Surviving Antarctica is: In Antarctica trying to get to the south pole to win a prize. The setting in Harry Potter is: A wizard school where nobody knows where it is. These settings are the similar because, they all have challenges hidden in them. Like in Hogwarts there are secrets hidden in the castle that Harry is trying to figure out. Or in Antarctica, It is miles and miles of a white snowy plains. And they have to get to the south pole. Or in Wolf Storm at the log cabin where they are staying. They were stuck in a blizzard and couldn't go anywhere. In Surviving Antarctica on page 148, Billy says "This place is crazy, we could get lost anywhere in this white snowy plains." They are all different in a way like: They all have a different climate, also they all have a different way that they do things.

The conflict in my books are: In Harry Potter the conflict is character vs self, because Harry has to make his own decisions without being suspicious or being caught. In Wolf Storm the conflict is character vs character because, Stefan is mad at a snobby actor (Riane) that wants to get him fired but as natural disasters occur, they have to work together but Stefan thinks she's over-dramatic. In Surviving Antarctica, the conflict is character vs nature because they have to work thru the harsh winter in Antarctica and get to the pole alive with all the challenges mother nature throws at them. In Surviving Antarctica on page 279, Andrew says to Robert "I am not going to do that! I will go get it myself!" They are all the same because all the characters have to make life saving decisions in order to survive or meet their goal. They are different because they all have a different conflict and all the characters have a different conflict they do all the time.

Harry Potter is generally a fantasy book and is always on edge and pushing the reader to read even more, there is also made up things like magic and dragons. In Wolf Storm and Surviving Antarctica, they are generally adventure. In Wolf Storm on page 134, A avalanche happens and Stefan gets buried in it. Once Raine dug him out she started crying. She said "It's all my fault, I thought I would drop Kep, So I let go of Jeremy." That's a example of pushing the story. They are always on edge and the setting is never in one place for a long time. Also you expect what will happen but it is something totally different that happens. They are the same because they both have made up things in them and also they both have a suspenseful storyline. They are different because, in Harry Potter Harry has to go and find out the mysteries of Hogwarts in Hogwarts while being taught of how to be a wizard. Generally, Harry makes the things happen. In Wolf Storm and Surviving Antarctica, mother nature decides what happens and then guides them on their adventure.