bird lay eggs

how dose global warming affect birds and there eggs.

1. birds start to lay eggs when the days get longer so if the day are getting long than normal then the birds will start to lay eggs earlier or later.

2.most birds are born with advanced motor and sensory functions.

3.50% or hatchlings will die in there first year but they have higher chances of surviving the next year.

4. some birds can lay up to 15 eggs in one nest.

5.the male bird normally gets the food while the mother takes care of them.

6. birds normally mate in spring and hatch near the end of fall.

7. the american palm is a bird that uses saliva to build its nest.

8.birds help move nutritents round and it helps plants and other orginisms.

9.the temperature can affect eggs because if it is colder they could hatch ladder or if it is warmer they could hatch earlier.

10.birds eat bugs that can be harmful to other orginsms like a grub killing plants.

11. some birds that come out earlier can find there prety because they have not came out yet.

12.some animals depend on bird eggs for food so if the birds don´t lay eggs then the predators get cheated on some food.