Save Brushy Creek

by, Santiago De La Garza

No More Fun if Towers Go Up

People are trying to destroy our Brushy Creek Trail

that means no parks and no baseball, no playgrounds, no more riding bikes with the family.

Now read on to get informed and start emailing LCRA by February 1,2016.

The LCRA Proposal by the numbers

number of towers along proposed route

10 towers to 2.5 miles = 4/1

distance of destroyed trail- 2.5 miles

2880 santi's

distance of all connecting trails - 15 miles

11880 door heights

loss of vegetation

6336000 square feet

height of tower

23 6ft men

My proposal

I think that we should take a different route that doesn't go near houses or nature. I propose the route travels from 183A and 2243 down Ronald Regan to FM1431 to I-35 to Round Rock. I know my route is 6x longer (at almost 16 miles), but I believe much of the route is already cleared or undeveloped. One of the problems with the proposed route is the large number of trees would be destroyed and the danger of flooding along the creek could harm the towers. It is important to preserve parklands for the future to enjoy and keep people healthy today.