by dustin westgate

Welcome to Bahrain

Some fun things to do when your in Bahrain are Go pearl Diving, Party at Lunar fest on Al Dar Islands, The Lost Paradise Dilmun Water Park.

Pearl Diving

Bahrain is famous for its pearls. the main source for income was Pearl Diving. The more oysters you collect the better the oyster bed will be. Divers will be on a weighed rope and submerged for about one one minute, they collected an average of 8 to 12 oysters.

Lunar Fest On Al Dar Islands

The lunar festival is a party on a night of the lunar eclipse. This festival is tailored for the musical, artistic, and adventurous. If you are exhausted you can go to the resting tents where you can listen to live hand drums, At the festival they also have game for you to play.

The Lost Paradise Dilmun Water Park

When you come here you should ride The boomerang where you can feel your adrenaline rushing on this pendulum style water ride, There are also fun ones like super bowl, speed slide.