The Survivor Hero: Davy Crockett

By Stephen Crosby

The Survivor

Davy Crockett survived in the wild at age 13 then few years later came back then later in his life became a scout for the militia and would starve and catch diseases but he would still survive.

Davy Crockett

Birth date: August, 18, 1786

Death date: March, 6, 1836

Parents: Rebecca and John Crockett

fifth child out of nine

Spouse: Elizabeth Patton second wife

Lived in Tennessee

Died at the Alamo in Texas

Congressman for a few years

Scout for militia

Davy Crockett's Adaptability

Having to constantly go to war made Davy Crockett had to adapt to everything around him to survive because if he didn't adapt he wouldn't be able to survive. Also as a young boy he adapted to his surroundings so even as a young boy his skills were honed.

Davy Crockett's Bravery

Crockett has amazing bravery being able to believe he could run away from home and standing up to the school bully. Bravery is a trait of a survivor hero because survivor heroes have to be able to get through any obstacle in front of them which means a person has to be brave to be able to do that.

Davy Crockett's Perseverance

Crockett has shown great perseverance from his birth to his death at the Alamo. When Davy Crockett had to fight for the militia and during his scouting he ran out of food he didn't quit he stuck to the job at hand a didn't stop until his mission was over. Also a survivor hero has to show perseverance because if things get to tough its not like you have a choice so you have to stick to the task at hand which is keeping yourself alive.

Conclusion: What Davy Crockett did

Davy Crockett is a survivor hero because he constantly survived war and other things. Crockett impacted history by fighting for the independence of Texas which is also known as the Battle of the Alamo. If Davy Crockett ever have fought for the independence of Texas, Texas would not have independence and would not be part of the United States. Crockett surviving as long as he did going without food and traveling for the army not giving up is why he is a survivor hero.