Come to Emilee city!

Where we have the giggles.

There will be an military.

My government will be a republic government.

The president makes the laws if the government approves.

all the government plus the president .

who ever gets voted to be chosen to be elected.

The president and the people of the country.

the president doesn’t have all the power. All the government has the same rights.

Branches? Yes! Judicial ,legislative Executive. W

hat does each branch do you say? The Judicial branch makes sure that no one is breaking the laws like with judges and police . The legislative branch

Will there be taxes?Yes! everyone will have to pay except people without jobs

How much will they be? 10% :(of whatever you get payed)

How will they be used? To build streets and schools and buildings, and military and homeless.

Who will pay? Everyone will have to pay at least$ 1.00 -$2.00

How much? 10% :( Out of whatever they get payed:)


How will newcomers be handled? They have to have a passport and they have to take a test before they come in and they have to see if they have done something bad.

Will everyone have them? yes except if you're not a citizen you still have rights just a little different rights.


Be responsible and and safe

Respect others and property

Think before you act

Think before you speak

You will have consequences for breaking the laws

The government can dine the term of an law from the president

No dangerous weapons can be brought to our country