Save The Chimpanzee!

By Shane Meyers

Where Chmpanzees live.

Chimpanzees live in central, western, and eastern Africa, but most of them live in the rain forest. Their habitat has a lot of food, trees, grass, and water.
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Why chimpanzees are endangered and how you can help.

Chimpanzees are endangered because of hunters and Ebola. They are also endanered because of people cutting down rain forest trees. People are helping Chimpanzees by having them in zoos or the Humane society. There are only 299,700 to 172,700 chimpanzees left! Make your move and adopt one now!

What chimpanzees eat.

Chimpanzees eat insects, nuts, seeds, bird eggs, fruits, and sometimes mammals like small monkeys. They drink by using a chewed up leaf and putting it in some water so they can use it as a sponge
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Save the chimpanzee!