Welcome To Paraguay


  • The capital of Paraguay, Asuncion was settled in 1537 by Spanish conquistadors and is one of the oldest cities in Latin America.


  • Paraguay has a constitutional democracy and has a president
  • Paraguay is divided into 17 departamentos (provinces)
  • The voting age is 18 and you have to vote until age 75


  • 90% of Paraguay's religion is Roman Catholic
  • 95% of the population is mestizo
  • Official languages spoken are Spanish and Guarani

Places to visit

Looking for nature and wildlife? Visit the Ybycui National Park.

Looking for some delicious empandas to eat? Visit the restaurant Lido.

Looking for a place to get your shopping on? Visit the shopping mall Americana it is best known for their electronic items.

Fun Facts

  • Did you know that many adults in Paraguay cannot read or write?
  • Did you know that the average life expectancy is 72 (males) 78 (females)?
  • People in Paraguay define themselves by 3 aspects Guarani speaking, drinking yerba (herb) tea, and eating mondioca (cassava).