Jamba Juice, The New Thing?

Food Magazine Says It's One Of The Healthiest "Meals".

Health Craze

This taste and preference is making the demand and the line for Jamba Juice increase. Food Magazine was explaining the great value of fruits and veggies in one serving. It is half a days worth. The more people have Jamba Juice the better the diet, also its easy to get your kiddos to have their fruits and vegetables in a delicious form.

Just a smoothie doesn't fill you up?

Thats Okay! There Are Some Related Goods!

Jamba Juice also sells little side sandwiches and side items. They are still better for you than fast food and store bought food. They are made with whole grain and low fat cheese and deli fresh meat. This is a perfect compliment for your smoothie, making the demand increase for Jamba Juice.


People's income in the Houston area just keeps raising. This is causing people to be less cautious of what they are buying. The Demand for Jamba Juice and other things just keep rising because of it. So did you just get a raise?? Now not only you can go to Jamba Juice you could go on a fun date before you hit the park or took your date home. People have complained about the price to eat right is hard to keep up with. So you have more money now there is no excuse to not eat healthy only when it can be made right up for you too.

The Growing Population In Houston

The population in the Houston area is growing fast. This is causing the lines for Jamba Juice to be out the doors! The best times to come to Jamba Juice is 7:30 A.M., 2 P.M., and 8:30P.M. The population is increasing and so is the the demand for Jamba Juice.

Dairy Prices Going Up Next March??

This expectation of the dairy prices going up also makes us expect the price for all things with dairy will go up. Jamba Juice is expected to raise their prices from $3.50 a a regular smoothie to $5.25. This causing the demand for the smoothie to go WAY up right now, scaring Jamba Juice. They are worried about running out of products for a while right now.