The Holocaust

The Holocaust, the Holocaust was a horrific genocide attempt to get rid of all Jewish people on the face of this earth. The Holocaust lasted from 1939 to 1945 and the Nazi soldiers executed this event. This was a gory and horrific event two reasons it is horrific is that the Nazi soldiers killed 95% of all European Jews. Another reason is that many other people died other than Jews and most likely they all died a horrible death, this proves the holocaust was a horrifying event not for just Jew but for everyone "imperfect" person.

The Holocaust was the murder of 8.3 million people. Just for being Jewish you were killed or was sent to labor camps to usually die of malnutrition,suffocate to death,die of disease,die of neglect or even starve to death! Soon, Hitler realized he was going to lose the war therefore, he will lose his prisoners and as a final solution he sent all prisoner including p.o.w. soldiers,mentally disabled, disabled, and homosexuals too, they were all sent to go to death camps were they were shot, gassed, and more.

The Holocaust, the Holocaust was a sad, sad time for everyone. The Nazis only left 700,000 out of the 9 million and killed 8.3 million as a final solution, and at least 200,000 other "imperfect" people were killed too. Not only were they killed, but they were killed with such pain like starvation, torture, experiments, or neglect. what will we do to prevent this from happening again.