Alexis Rose Bye


All About Me

I was born September 13, 2002. My mom, dad, Nan, Poopha, my two brothers Zach and Jay, Uncle Rick, and Aunt Paula were at Niskayuna Hospital when I was born. My mom held me first. We had two dogs Chance & Brutis. My mom worked as an Account Executive. My mom used to like to go see concerts and travel but since I was born she cant go see as many concerts and travel as much though we still do travel a lot. I like to read.A popular book now is Winger by Andrew Smith. A popular book in 2002 was Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I have lived in the same house all my life .

Historical Events

Many things happened the year i was born. On June 11th American Idol debuted on Fox. American Idol is still popular today. On July 28th nine Pennsylvania miners are rescued after spending almost four days trapped in a flooded mine. On October 12th three bombs exploded in tourist district on the Indonesian island of Baliklling . 202 people died. I also share birthdays with many famous people. One famous person I share a birthday with is Milton Hershey.

Alexis Bye Van Corlaer Tie