Dreamland Villas

Operation Safe House

Your Participation Is Urgently Requested

In an effort to make the house addresses in this neighborhood easily visible to 911 Emergency Personal we will be painting reflective address numbers on the curbs at Dreamland Villas starting tomorrow.

These highly reflective numbers are visible even at night. This is important because 73% of all 911 emergency calls are made after dark.

Help 911 Emergency Personal Find Your House Quickly

We would like to apply address numbers on the curb for every house in this neighborhood. The numbers are attractive – reflective white on a dark background – and will look uniform throughout the neighborhood. They are also durable and will last for years without repainting.

The only cost for this service is a fee of $15 to offset the labor involved. Although the process takes only 20 minutes to complete it does require 2 trips. First the background is painted and left to dry. Then the service representative returns to apply the reflective numbers on the background.

You can pay by cash or check after the reflective numbers have been applied. The service representative will collect from you after you have had a chance to inspect the work. If you are not at home the service representative will leave a pre-addressed envelope for your convenience.

Write Your Address In Large Letters On The Back Of This Notice

Tape It To Your Front Door or Window with the Address Facing Out So It Can Be Seen From The Street.

A Service Representative will be working on this street starting tomorrow.

Please Note -- The Service Representative Cannot Apply the Background or Numbers Unless This Notice Is Visible From The Street!