Jose Quintero


Food web of forest biome

The primary consumer of this food web would be the deer. The deer consumes berries, grasses, seeds, and other plants, making it an herbivore. The secondary consumer would be the hawk. It only consumes plant-eating animals. There isn't exactly a tertiary consumer of this food web. The closest to it would be the bear, since it will eat the secondary consumer, but does not primarily focus on them. The producers of this food web are the berries, grasses, and other plants. They produce their own food using sunlight, water, and the chemicals around them. The decomposers of this food web would be the worms and fungi. They break down the cells of dead plants and animals into simpler substances.

Humans' impact on forests

Humans are positively impacting forests by planting more trees, using less polutive sources of traveling (i.e. bikes, walking), and cleaning the rivers or lakes that run through these ecosystems. Humans are negatively impacting forests by poluting them with nutrients and garbage that halt the production and growing process.