Squire Augustine

This is who I am!


I am 18 years old and a senior at Highland High School. I have attended Highland my Freshmen and Sophomore year but not my junior year. For my Junior year of High School I went to Stansbury High School. I have many hobbies that I do; such as music, sports, making videos, and being a part of HTVS. My music life has mostly been Bagpiping although I did at one point use to play saxophone. I have played Bagpipes for the past 5-6 years. I also play with a band Wasatch & District Pipe Band and we have competed and preformed all over the country. Along with Bagpiping, I have played Soccer for as long as I can remember and did play High school but am no longer. I have focused my time with soccer on training younger kids and teaching them the sport.

Hooked On A Feeling

How is this Website helpful to others?

This is a helpful site because students are able to save information about themselves that can be use over and over again. It is not a written document that could get lost it is an online form that will never change. Also students will be able to come back and change or add more to the information on this flyer.