Towards the begining of summer I went to a Boys State. I didn't like it at first but after the first two days it got a lot better. I made a lot of new friends that i still talk to. The camp was also educational, so we learned a lot about politics while having fun


This summer i played a lot of sports. I went to open field for soccer and played basketball and tennis with my cousins. After that, for the last month of summer i had soccer tryouts twice a day.
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The main thing i did all summer was work. I worked at McDonalds and Hollister.


I didn't really like science too much till i entered high school. I started to enjoy science when i took biology my sophomore year. There was just something about biology that interested me, and it came to me vary easily. Everything new i was taught just suck with me and i was able to understand how things work with little confusion. After biology i took AP biology my junior year and this was a bit more challenging but i enjoyed taking it as well.