Want to Go Private?

By: Sarah Darer Littman

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Book report by Anaya Walters

It's your first year of high school and you go in with your best friends with the intentions of being joined at the hip. Sadly, this is not the case. Abby and Faith had been best friends every since second grade. When they start at their new school the only class they have together is gym. Well Abby is anything but happy about this, one day while on ChezzTeen, a website created for teenagers to socialize using a 3-D character, Abby meets this guy named Luke who happens to be older than her but to Abby that doesn't matter. She loves when he tells her how beautiful she is and how much he likes her and that she matters to him. Well, Luke fell off the face of Abby's earth for a couple of days without warning and Abby gets upset and ends up going on a date with her lab partner Billy. Billy and Abby have a study date, followed by a movie date and they kiss!! Abby gets back on and logs on ChezzTeen to find none other than Luke on there. She goes off on him because he had not been on and he tells her about him getting sick. They end up video chatting and revealing themselves to each other. They want to meet.. Will they meet up? Will he be the same person he was online?

When meeting someone online you must be cautious. The would is full of people who are not who they say they are. But their are also the other half who are who they say they are. Honestly, I have a lot of friends that are not from where I am. I've met them off of my Instagram account and am lucky to have met them. I have not met someone I have talked to online yet, it would be nice though. I know how Abby feels about Luke because it is easy to catch feelings for someone who makes you feel good about yourself. I in fact enjoyed this book a lot. My favorite part is when Abby is finally noticed by a guy and begins to feel good about herself. It makes me happy to see self conscious people actually feel like they are something. My least favorite part is when Faith breaks her and Abby's pinky promise. One thing I hate more than anything is a broken promise and I can become cold hearted once one is broken. If I could change one thing about the book it would be that Abby is more respected by Nick since she was the one who let him copy her homework.

I would recommend this to all you people who love suspense or high school drama. I would love to see more people read this book I think she did an outstanding job on this.

About the Author

Sarah Darer Littman is the critically acclaimed author of Backlash, Want to Go Private?; Life, After; Purge; and Confessions of a Closet Catholic, winner of the Sydney Taylor Book Award. When she’s not writing novels, Sarah is an award-winning columnist for the online news site CTNewsJunkie. She teaches creative writing as an adjunct professor in the MFA program at Western Connecticut State University, and with Writopia Lab. Sarah lives in Connecticut.
Want to Go Private?