RJ #15 - Week of April 22, 2015

Love Ya Like A Sister

Dear Ms. Hamilton,

I have just finished the book Love Ya Like A Sister. This book comes under autobiography because it’s Katie writing about her life in Paris. This book mainly consists of letters and emails from Katie to her friends, Ashley, Maude, and Heather. I loved this book although it’s very sad. Each email in this book is like a different story because each time she talks about something different. For example in one letter she wrote about her experience with a French guy whom she didn't like, and in another she wrote about her health problems. This book was very entertaining because Katie was actually a real person who wrote all this. Katie had just gone to France to spend a year but after a few months, Katie fell very sick. She also started to get stressed but she took care of that. She got stressed because she had her exams coming up and she wasn’t prepared. She dealt with it by writing letters and emails to her friends. Sometimes I also feel stressed but I never seem to deal with it. I need to find more creative ways to deal with stress. Katie had all kinds of health problems and somehow she knew she was going to die because she sent an email to Ashley telling her that she’s going to die and that she’ll love Ashley to death. Katie also felt sick of and out of place in Paris because she saw the same things every day. I have also felt that way when I first came to Canada. I felt very bored and out of place. But I soon got used to it just like she did. She also treated her friends very well and it’s obvious that she loved them and was thankful for them. She tried to keep in touch with them every day and didn’t get bored of doing it. When I came to Canada I kept in touch with my friends but after a few weeks I got bored. I still keep in touch with my friends but not every day. Katie seemed like such a nice person but in the end of the book I read about Katie’s death which was very sad. I felt like I was reading a diary because she was very honest with her friends. I think the authors message was to live your life wisely and to the fullest. This is a similar message to The Fault in our stars. The message in Fault in our star was to live life to the fullest. For both books, a character that was loved, dies.


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I have read 43 books this year along with my holiday reading books. I'm proud of my accomplishments because I have read more than 40 books. Last year I read about 50 books and this year I would like to read more than 50 books or 50 books. My plan is to read a book every weekend so that I can complete a book every week.