All About the Northeast Region

Written by: Ben Pierce

Where is the Northeast Region Located?

The Northeast Region is north of the Southeast Region, and northeast of the Midwest Region.
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What are the states in the Northeast Region?

The states in the Northeast Region are Detroit, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.

What is the climate?

The climate of the Northeast Region has heavy downpours and some heat waves. The winter is long and frigid. There are many snowstorms that occur. The worst one is called The Northeaster. It can bring over a foot of snow each time. Summers are warm, but are short compared to the summers in the Southeast Region. The average temperature there is at least is 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Five Interesting Facts About the Northeast Region!

  1. The Hershey's factory was established on October 24, 1927.
  2. West Qaudy Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the Northeast.
  3. All of the states in the Northeast Region have some kind of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean except for Vermont.
  4. In New York City, there is about 20 spoken languages.
  5. Some of the natural resources are plates, oil, and sandstone.

What Makes This Region Better Than Others?

I think this region is better because of this particular landmark. Mount Washington. Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeast reaching the height of 6,288 feet tall. This monstrous mountain is located in the Appalachian Mountains. Mount Washington has some of the world's most severe weather, reaching up to 231 miles per hour at the peak!
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