Digital Safety

What Teens Should Know

Safety on the Web

As a teen, I've realized that everyone should be safe online. But how? 3 ways to always stay safe online is to always think before posting, be aware of who you're talking to and what about and finally, always be cautious of suspicious activity.
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Think, then post.

Posting is what we probably do most of, yet that's what we least think about. Before posting, always check what is around you. If a bad person happens to see a picture of you in a shirt that says your school name, they could track you down. Not only is it always smart to check your pictures before you post so nobody gets hurt, but you can make sure also it's appropriate to post.
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Who are you talking to? What are you talking about?

You've probably heard this already, but you always want to make sure you know exactly who you're talking to. You never know who could be on the other side of the screen. By knowing who you're talking to, you can also know what's good to talk about and what's not good. If you think you're talking to your best friend and you're telling them to meet you, it may not turn out exactly as planned. No matter who you are talking to, you should never talk about personal information online. If you have something important to say, meet them in person. Information shared online can get altered or changed. Plus, who you're talking to could be from anywhere in the world.
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Last but not least, stop suspicious activity before it begins.

You may not always know what's suspicious activity or not, but if you have the slightest hint that something's wrong, report it. No harm can be done in reporting something that may be dangerous. For example, if someone you don't know starts to text you, you could block them or just not text them back. You never know what could happen if you keep texting them. You should also always report rude or hurtful things. Not only could it ruin your digital reputation, but it could also hurt others.
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By: Maggie