The Little Red Book

Chapter 17, Serving The People


In chapter 17 in Mao Zedong's Little Red Book, Mao completely lies by titling the chapter, "Serving the People". The title of this chapter is ironic because Mao ensures everyone that he is for the people, but when someone stepped out of line by thinking wrongly of him, they were killed. Mao says "The organs of the state must practice democratic centralism". Once again Mao lies to the people. This time he is practicing communism but preaching democratic centralism

In "Blazac and the Little Chinese Seamstress" Luo and the narrator were separated from their family to be "re-educated", This completely goes against chapter 17 of Mao's Little Red Book. Mao says everyone has to stick together and have each other's backs. He goes against this by sending thousands of children to the mountains to be re-educated, separating them from their loved ones.

American Comparison

A True Democracy

Mao Zedong enforced a Communistic society but claimed to be running a Democracy. In the United States of America, we have a true Democracy, with a president, not a crazy dictator. In the book Grapes of Wrath, a family pursues their american dream by traveling west during the dust bowl. The family does this because they can, there are no restrictions set by the government on what you can and can't do.