Library Footnotes

September 2014

August Circulation

Thank you for your patience the first week of school. We checked out 1,273 books with last year's barcodes or typing in the names of new students. What a great way to start off our year!

Nuts and Bolts

A few items will help our library run smoothly this year!

  • Please try to have books (whole class, small groups or individuals) into the library by 9.
  • Students are welcome anytime after 9. This allows us time to check in all books and get a majority of them shelved before students come.
  • We try to be aware of small groups or individuals and allow them about 10 minutes in the library before asking them to head back to class.
  • Staff may walk through the library at any time. If you are escorting a student, we ask that you walk around. Students may not use the library as a "shortcut".


We appreciate any help on reminding students to use shelf markers and to pick books up off the floor. If they take a book off the shelf and don't know where it goes, they can bring it to the desk. The library seems to be a bit more demolished these days!