Kata Tjuta, Australia

The Heart of Australia


4 and a half hour drive from Alice Springs. Located in about the middle of Australia. It is South of Alice Springs. South East of Broome. Australia is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. 3,479 feet above sea level.


You can take a helicopter ride over Kata Tjuta, and see how big and wonderful it is! There are 36 domes that make up Kata Tjuta. Kata Tjuta is 8.37 square miles. Join tour guide to hear stories and ledgands about Kata Tjuta.

Interesting Facts About Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta means many heads to the Australian Aborigines. Mount Olga is the highest point. It is 25 dollars to go to the national park in Kata Tjuta. There are lots of ceremonies that are carried out to Kata Tjuta. Kata Tjuta is also referred to as the "Heart Of Australia" Kata Tjuta is also known as "Uluru"