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November 2014 - Staff Edition

Recently added DVDs

Remember, you can click on the Follett Destiny icon on your launcher to see our entire collection of videos and DVDs. Choose Westview Jr/Sr High School. Click on the Catalog Tab. Choose the Copy Category tab and view DVD/VHS.

Cool Classroom Tools


Go to http://www.classtools.net/ for some fun classroom tools to try. For example, the Flash Classroom timer has soundtracks you can add to the timer. Imagine a 3 minute countdown timer with the theme from Mission Impossible playing in the background!


Do you need a fun way to help your class study for a big upcoming test? There are several online Jeopardy programs. Go to this website http://www.edtechnetwork.com/powerpoint.html for a listing and find one that best fits your needs. I've used these in the past and the students had a great time studying for a big test. They were focused the entire time! Maybe the winning team could get a treat or a few extra points added to their exam.


I sent out an email a couple of weeks ago letting you know about the TumbleBooks option on your launcher. I had some staff members inquire if it can be accessed from home. We are please to announce that, *yes*, it is an option. When you are at home, go to www.Tumblebooks.com. They have books, games, and videos for all ages. Here is the login information:

TumbleBook Library

Login: westviewhs

Password: books

TumbleBook Cloud

Login: westviewhs

Password: login

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Thinking about the holidays?

We have a wide variety of cookbooks and decorating books to help you beat the holiday rush. Check out these books and more in the Media Center!
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