Wassily Kandinsky

78 years of age

Short Biography of Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily was born on December 4, 1866 in Moscow, Russia. At 5, when his parents divorced, he went to moved in with his aunt and learned to play the panino and cello at grammar school, with little art involved. In 1886 he proceeded to fallow his family's passion of working law by attending University of Moscow. He then proceeded then to marry his cousin, Anna. From 1892 until 1896 he worked at a well-known law firm. When he decided to change his career to art in 1896 he was shortly accepted in to Munich Academy of Arts. At this time he is making relationships between color and music, believing that color was an expression of emotions not just a pigment. He divorced his wife around 1903. Then continued to form the Blue Rider Art Group with Franz Marc. World War 1 forced him to move back to Russia where he, now 50 years of age, meet his next wife Nina Andreevskaya, a 17 year old art student. Kandinsky died on December 13, 1944

artist movement involvement

Wassily Kandinsky was not a founder of any particular art movement, but that did not stop him from expressing himself through art. He participated in Fauvisn, Abstract Expressionism as well as parts of Post Impressionism. He did form the Blue Rider group with about 4 or 5 other artists.
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Blue, Yellow, Red

This artwork would be my favorite because I really enjoy the fact that I could never get bored looking at this painting. I do like all of the color and all of the movement. I also enjoy the simplicity of the painting and that is demonstrated in the title of the painting.