Miss Elliott - Room 123

A Message for the Parents:


I am so excited to welcome your children into my classroom. In second grade, we are going to step it up a notch from first grade. However, always know that I will never ask your children to do something that I don't believe they can handle. These kids are going to be challenged, but they will be given the proper support.

As a one-to-one grade level, second grade will introduce using the iPad to your student. They will be given explicit instruction on how to use these safely. Many of our assignments will be done on these iPads. This makes things much more exciting to students! We will occasionally use paper and pencil, however, most assignments and lessons will use the technology we have been blessed with instead. By doing this, we are preparing students for the electronic world in which they are growing up.

I am looking forward to working with this group of students. Our class will become a little family. It is my goal to have this kind of relationship with not only your children, but you as well, so please communicate with me as much as you feel necessary.


Miss Bridget Elliott

2nd grade teacher

ABC Elementary

Supplies for the Classroom

The first days of schools require a lot of preparation. I have worked with the other second grade teachers at our school to make a supply list for students. However, if you have not had access to the list yet, I have it here for you.

2nd Grade Supply List:

1 - 1 in. three ring binder

1 - zipper pencil pouch

24 - pencils

1 - 24 count crayons

1 - child safety scissors

2 - folders w/ 3-hole punch

2 - wide-ruled composition notebooks

1 - package of glue sticks

1 - package of erasers

2 - boxes of kleenex

1 - pack of baby wipes

1 - pack of lysol wipes

1 - pack of ziplock baggies (quart or gallon size)

1 - pack of dry-erase markers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does my student have different work than others?

In this classroom, I differentiate for my students. This means that we all may be working on the same skill, but I am going to give students work that challenges them. All students will have the same amount of work, but the difficulty level of the problems will be appropriate for their age level.

Why does my student have "no homework?"

Our classroom is set up so that students have individual work time in class. If students have assignments for home, it will be passages to read out of our text. By having students do work at school, I can ensure that they are in a controlled setting. I am also able to ensure that I am getting an accurate depiction of what your student can do independently.

How are reading groups divided?

This grade level switches for reading. After taking placement tests, the grade level teachers meet together and divide students into four sections. We have one section for above grade level readers, two for on grade level readers, and one for below grade level readers. By dividing students in this way, we are able to make sure that your student is being challenged in reading appropriately. As time goes on, the grouping of students can change. These changes will be based on the performance of the child in the current group along with their continued performances on school-wide tests.

What school wide tests will my child be given?

ABC Elementary works with a program called NWEA. Through this program, we are able to find student lexile scores as well as estimate how they will perform on ISTEP+ testing. These students will also be given SRI testing, which will help us keep track of their reading performance throughout the year. This is one of several ways we will monitor their reading growth.

How are grades calculated?

Grades are done differently in each classroom. In my classroom, all students will receive a letter grade. This letter grade will fall on the school approved grading scale that is in the agenda. I have listed it for you below. Tests will be weighted 2x the amount of points, while quizzes and homework assignments will be worth the set amount of points listed. If at any point you have questions about your student's grades, please contact me immediately.

100-99 A+

98-94 A

93-90 A-

89-87 B+

86-84 B

83-80 B-

79-77 C+

76-74 C

73-70 C-

69-67 D+

66-64 D

63-60 D-

59 or below F

What is the late/makeup work policy?

When students miss a day, they will be given two school days from the day of their return to complete and return the makeup work. Those who miss extended periods of time will be given a due date by the teacher. These will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Late work will be accepted the next day for a letter grade lower. However, after that it will not be accepted.

Contact Information

Should you ever have questions or concerns please contact me. I will do my best to always respond promptly. Your children and their education are my top priority.