A day out

National Gallery trip

Just before we finished for half term, the Fireflies all went up to London. The National Gallery had two of Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings next to each other. As we had been studying them in our art lessons, it seemed like the perfect time to see them.
Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photos inside the gallery, so I cannot show you the two paintings together, but they were amazing. One of the men who worked at the gallery told us that each of the paintings are currently worth two hundred and fifty million pounds each!
After looking around the gallery in the morning, the children had a quiz to do in the afternoon. We looked at more of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings and also Monet's work.

After the quiz the children had some time to do some sketching in front of some wonderful paintings. We had a fantastic day and the children were full of discussions of what they had seen, liked or didn't like on the way home.

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