Mascara is coming tomorrow!!!!

How excited are YOU????!!!!

Hi everybody!!

How excited are all of you that mascara is coming tomorrow??? I just wanted all of you to know that no matter where you are in your business right now; this product can propel you to the top of our company! Many of us who are leaders in the BC Beauties page; came from a different company that their number one seller was mascara-----we all made it to the highest levels of that company due to solely mascara!!!!! ( we didn't even have all of these other terrific products to sell!)

So, I wanted to share some tips that I have chatted with from leaders in BC Beauties!

We are hoping that by executing some of these steps, you can also take your business to what ever level you would like for it to be!!!!! We will be following the lead of Beautycounter tomorrow, but we can also get ourselves ready and I hope that this email will help you do so!!!!!

Get ready, because we are about to have the most fun with this business ever!!!!!

Here are some tips to get mascara launched tomorrow and this week!

1. Every good plan starts with a list. Go through FB, emails, iPhone and make a list of every friend you know that you think would love to get her hands on this mascara!

2. Get your business going on Facebook:

a. Pick 3-5 (or how many you want) of your closest friends with a great network on social media. Reach out to them and say this, "Hi ......! So, Beautycounter is launching our brand new mascara and this is going to be the best you've ever seen! If I were to gift one to you; would you be willing to host an event on FB and help me introduce it to your friends? Not only would you get the mascara for free but you'd also get the hostess rewards from the party!!!!! I'm going to set up the group/event (which ever one you choose to do with your friend) for you and do most of the work......all I am going to ask you to do is share your before and after pictures and chime in here and there! Would you be up for it?

***(remember, if you bought the pre-sale, we invested $19 a mascara.....yes, you'd be taking a bit of a loss, but think of all of the sales you will be generating!)

b. You can either do an event or a 5 day FB party/group. In a group, just post 2 times a day and share info about our mission, the mascara and remember to upsell other products like Vibrant Eye perfecter, eye brow pencils, eye shadows, eye liner, etc!!!! And, always talk about how we are safe first, and high performing second! Once the party on FB is over, give the hostess her link (you can also make an email for her) that she can text, message and email to her friends to get more orders!!

c. Set up your own FB event for this week or early next week. As soon as the company launches, start posting about the mascara in the event. Share pictures of you without the mascara on and then with the mascara on! Also, make a video of you applying the mascara! People love watching you!!! Have a live element to the event; pick a time and day that you are going to share 10 live posts.....if you have never seen this yet; it is very effective. I can add you to my upcoming event and I also have a group on FB with the sample posts that you can use for a live FB event----just message or call me and I'll add you!

d. Finally, post on your own FB VIP group 2 times a day for the first week. Remember; FB is a numbers game and a lot of people are only on FB once or twice a week. In order for the average person to buy, they have to see a message 5-7 times on average. So, just make sure that you are being educational as well as sharing our product. Make it something you would want to see----not just blasting "buy mascara"....... lol.....if it is interesting they will pay attention. And, you can even let your group know that you will be posting a little bit more this week just so everyone gets the news!!! I have a lot of FB tricks up my sleeve; I'll teach them to you as we go, but one that is great is to change the title of your group on the day of the launch. That way, every single person in your group will get the notification of the title change and it typically brings visitors!!! :)

3. Schedule an "in home" party with your girlfriends and ask a few of your friends to host one for you! You can do a "Mascara & Margarita" theme or whatever you can think of----make sure you bring our fabulous skin care with you so you can introduce them to some of our Routine Cream Clean Cleanser to take makeup off!!!! And, Vibrant Eye Perfector to keep the skin around their eyes looking fabulous! Ladies LOVE to play with products!!!!! And, you can offer them a free mascara for hosting a party in their home! Again, like Brooke said, make it casual......"Hi Terry! How about I bring over my products and you get a couple of girlfriends and we do a margarita and mascara night????" Don't say "party"...."social" makes people feel like their skin is crawling and it's too much work for them! Keep it light and fun!

4. Use this launch as a sponsoring tool!!! Look through your list and reach out to business savvy or makeup loving friends. Now is the time to ask them if they want to be part of your business and help you get this mascara launched! You will also find as you do your FB parties that some of your hostesses will get very involved in the parties! When you see someone really participating----that is someone who very well could join your team!

What I used to do is reach to her and say, " don't know if you know this, but you are already doing my job and you are sooooo good at it! Have you ever thought of doing something like this??"

5. Last but not least-----text, email, fb message any image from corporate that you love and send it to your friends! Let EVERYONE know about our newest product!!! If they buy a mascara and love it, they are going to shop with you again! Have fun!

I am available for coaching calls all week and can answer any questions that you might have! Get ready ladies, the most lucrative time in our career is about to begin! I'm so glad I'm sharing it all with you!!

Have a great night!