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October 12, 2015

Dakota 38 and the Cultural Divide

I came across a short movie last month that I would like to recommend. “Dakota 38” can be viewed for free on YouTube. It’s the story of Bill Miller, a Dakota Sioux man who had a vision of 38 warriors hanging. This vision was tied to the hanging by the US Government of 38 Dakota Sioux warriors in Mankato, Minnesota on December 26, 1862.

Bill and a group of Sioux traveled on horseback from South Dakota to the site of the hangings (on the day of the hanging) and the movie follows their journey and interviews the participants.

The participants speak about the despair of their lives and connect the emptiness to a historical suffering from broken treaties, genocide, and loss of land. This historical suffering has formed what they term “cultural Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” and points out the need for healing. This healing journey is very moving as they participants remember their ancestors and confront their own fears and resentment.

The movie is a window into the cultural divide which exists between the dispossessed Sioux—many of whom do not trust whites—and the whites who now live on their historical land. But Miller’s voice is one of hope.

As Miller says, “We don’t have to blame the waischus (white people) any more. We are selling drugs. We are killing our own people.” In one poignant moment, Miller and the others participate in a healing ceremony when whites and Sioux apologize to one another. Miller says, “We are doing this for our children and grandchildren.”

The movie serves as a great introduction to the sorrow and need for healing between two cultures.

Here's the link to the movie. It will be the richest hour of your week.

Here's a link to an article about fetal alcohol syndrome on the Pine Ridge Reservation:

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Tim Lowe has been serving as the Education Director/Curriculum Coordinator of the Billings Catholic School System for many years. This year, he took on the added responsibility of the principal of the Intermediate Building, which means that he is also taking classes to obtain his principal endorsement. In the midst of this all, he is co-chair of their self-study and preparing St. Francis School for an accreditation visit this spring. He served on the Butte Central Elementary visiting team. Tim and his wife Jennifer are also proud parents to two BCS students, Ethan and Ellie.

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