By Breanna Godat


Riva Minska: (main character) Brave and courageous 13 year old is very caring for her brothers.

Laibele: ( Rivas little brother) who always puts his sister first and has tuberculous.

Motele:(Rivas Brother) He feels responsible for his family and is a very caring person.

Moishele:( Rivas brother) this caring and loving person offered moral support to others.

Tola: A loyal friend that Riva makes at Auschwitz, they stay together for the whole thing.

Katia: The doctor at Middlesteins that got Riva a better job, gave her a bath, and smuggled her food.


Lodz Poland: where Riva and her family lived before they got sent away to the Lodz Ghetto.

Lodz Ghetto: where Riva and her family and many other Jewish families lived in hiding from the Nazis.

Auschwitz: where Riva and her Brothers were sent to and then split up at the gates.

Mittelsteine: Labor camp where Riva cut her hand and got a serious infection.


Rivas mother is taken away, so Riva is left alone to look after her three younger brothers in the Lodz Ghetto, but then sadly separated and sent to concentration camps. The only thing keeping them alive is the brave words their mother said to them before she was taken, "as long as there is life, there is hope".


Rivas mother is taken away from the nazis, so then Riva and her younger brothers get sent to the lodz ghetto. Then the family is rounded up and get deported to Auschwitz and separated. Now Riva is alone. At Auschwitz Riva soon gets sent to Mittelsteine and then Grafenort to endure terrible conditions.
Holocaust Survivor Interview
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