Los Angeles

The big orange

The Getty Museum

The Getty Museum is about an hour away from LA. It's completely free and very fun. It's a museum that has a lot of paintings and cool stuff in a few different building. Their is also a restaurant and gift shop.

Holly Wood Sign

You can visit the Hollywood sign but you can't drive their. You'll need to hike up the mountain if you want to see it up close.

Hollywood walk of fame

The Hollywood walk fame is the famous walk in Hollywood where the stars are in the ground with famous peoples names on them. A lot of famous people have stars their.
Hollywood Walk of Fame Website

Link for the Hollywood walk of fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Monday, Dec. 8th, 9pm to Sunday, Jan. 4th 2015 at 9pm

5333 Zoo Dr

Los Angeles, CA

For a limited time only the LA zoo will have Christmas lights out for viewing.

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Grahman's Chinese Theater

Grahman's Theater is often where they have world premieres for new movies. They also have regular showing their when they aren't showing anything new. This is also the place where many stars put their foot and hand prints in the concrete in front. It's very cool and fun to see.
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Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood bowl is a concert bowl where many concerts are held. You can also see the Hollywood sign from in it.
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Walt Disney Concert hall

During the summer the Hollywood bowl has it's concerts at the Walt Disney Concert hall. They do also have a few concerts here during the summer.

Emerson College LA

Emerson College is a college in LA that has interesting architecture. It is also very new built only in 2012.