Southview Public School

November 16-November 20

Motivated to Learn!

A huge thank you to everyone for their active participation on Friday's PA Day. You came to the table with an open mind, ready to collaborate and explore how best to move forward in our learning journey. So many great conversations took place and we are hopeful that you felt as engaged and motivated as we did! In case you want to watch the Adaptive Minds video again, here is the link:

The Adaptable Mind
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Upcoming Events

November 23 - Jenn away at conference

November 24 - IPRCs

November 25 - IPRCs

November 26 - IPRCs, Parent Council

November 27 - Hot Dogs for Warm Toes, IPRCs

December 2 - Progress Reports due

December 9 - NDSS Bands

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Student Voice: Students with Learning Disabilities

A part of kindness includes acceptance of others for who they are. A great video we planned to use on Friday, is included below. It is from students with learning disabilities, describing to their teachers how they learn and the challenges they face. Our students and children are kinder to others when we take the time to describe how all learners are different, and that students needs are met through differentiation in various ways.
Dear Teachers....

Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Week Ahead

Mon., Nov. 16th (Day 2)

  • Kick it into Gear Day (Crazy Socks), Door decorating starts
  • Microsoft Training (all day)
  • Tiffany away at conference

Tues., Nov., 17th (Day 3)

  • Peace, Love & Kindness Day (Hippie Clothes)
  • Susan Aguilo (Author Visit K-6)

Wed., Nov., 18th (Day 4)

  • Kindness is a Superpower Day (Dress Like a Superhero)

Thurs., Nov. 19th (Day 5)

  • Ride the Wave to Kindness Day (Hawaiian, Surfer Clothes)
  • Perogrine Falcon Presentation

Fri., Nov. 20th (Day 1)

  • Bus Safety Presentations
  • Think Pink: Pink Shirt Day
  • Queen's Candidates Finished 1st Round
  • Zumba Returns! (Gr. 4-8)
  • Milkshake Day
  • Intermediate Team Mtg (8:45)

Our Staff's Gift of Kindness to Each Other

The knowledge that our staff is so wonderful and thus our meetings are quite different than this...
Every Meeting Ever