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I can give without expectation to receive.

Do not give back; just give. Too often, we give our time, our money, our love, but it is given conditionally. I will do something for you if you do this for me. Or, we say to ourselves, “I will start giving when I _____.” All of these add context to giving. True service is giving without any expectations to get anything in return. There are no conditions, no asterisks, no expectations of getting anything back. We just give. If we want to service, this is all we can really expect. We never know how others will receive the offers; all we can control is finding ways to give to our students and our community. As you go through the week, find ways to give to others with no expectations of getting anything in return. Make giving the gift you give yourself!

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:
  • Jessi Walpole and the Dance Team who qualified for the National Dance Competition.
  • Winter Sports Coaches. Our winter sports season has concluded. Thank you to our coaches for helping to support your athletes through an interesting season.
  • our Athletic Office for hosting and running many large events in the past few weeks (and in advance for hosting Regional Basketball this weekend)!

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 28: Grateful Friday Challenge:

And so it begins, yesterday we got a glimpse of the potential weather for the next few months -- we love March in like a lion and out like a lamb and then we know that April showers bring May flowers. And May brings… Hope? Smiles? Vacation? A long summer’s nap? It’s nice to dream of then, but we have to live in the now. And now is a bit of warm weather between the opening of the skies. There are many words for rainy days… I looked it up and YIKES! (It hits a little too close to home on some of these…) Then I thought, are there any good songs about rain? Well, yes, I am sure there are a bunch- but this one is near the top: Blame it on the Rain. Or if that is not your speed- check out any of these songs…. Songs about Rain. Then I realized I didn’t want words for rainy days, or songs about rain, I wanted idioms for rain… check these out…. 17 Rain Idioms.

The one at the top of the list, and maybe the most famous, is: It’s raining cats and dogs! And cats and dogs are GREAT!! And they make us happy- and that is what we need more of, pups and cats, and chickens or fish, or whatever is waiting for us when we get back home. So, like all proud parents, let's get to our phones and share some pictures of our pets! Let’s make it rain. Share your pictures to this document and enjoy the smiles all day. Raining Cats and Dogs

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Jarred Corwin

Mr. Corwin's Biology students have been studying genetics. Students have been studying genotype and phenotypes using Punnett Squares in past classes. Today, students applied that knowledge to looking at pedigrees between parents and off-springs. They used the pedigrees to think about how they could identify if the studied trait is dominant or recessive. The in-person students then completed a lab to determine if they were a "taster" using PTC paper. Students shared their data and completed the lab write-up before leaving.

Reid Fawcett

Mr. Fawcett's Geography students are studying areas in the Middle East. Students looked at the history of Iran and the United States' interventions with the Iranian Government. Students learned about Americanization and how the United States involvement in the Iranian government lead to the Iranian Hostage Crisis in the late 1960s. Students also looked at geographical areas of the Middle East during this process.

Amy Honeycutt

Mrs. Honeycutt's English 9 students are reading Romeo and Juliet. Today, students took a look at Act 5 of the play. Students read the play in class and discussed the Act as a class as they read. After reading, the students then used specific examples from the text to answer questions based on what they read. Students also looked at some different cause and effect ideas from the Act that they read in class.

Educational Humor

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