The art of fighting in Jiu Jitsu is so purely artistic that it is sometimes confusing to watch it or perform it without feeling a link with the artistic side of the form. The moves are graceful and the discipline is ultimate. Therefore the gears of the practice have to be complimenting the form of the sport.

The GI used in Jiu Jitsu is the uniform or dress that is worn during the Jiu Jitsu fighting sessions. These are wrap around kimono style dresses that are enhanced with a belt and drawstring pajamas. These uniforms are comfortable but they are thick enough that they ensure there is no ripping during the fight. They are made in different colours like black, blue or white. They are basically worn to make sure that the opponent has a lesser advantage. There are many techniques in the fight where the GI can help a person take down their opponent. They just have to use their strength against their opponent and have to pitch it timing with the related GI parts which give them hold, access and leverage to throw off their opponents or deny them escape from strong holds.

Jiu Jitsu in itself has many forms like the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which has its own type of GI. The GI is a must in competitions and formal exams unless it is a no GI form that has been practiced. There are many moves in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that use the GI. The no Gi technique denies the opponent these advantages that they would have over the fighter with the GI. This technique is unencumbered by the GI.

The GIs are usually thick and large; they are made up of a coarse material so that they do not wear down easily. The weaves can determine whether the fabric and the GI will be light weight or heavy weight. There are many people who practice Jiu Jitsu and they all have different preferences regarding their GI style. Some like it light while some prefer the heavy ones. There is no comparison as to measure which one is better. The preference of the people has more to do with their own body weights and the idea of gaining advantage over the opponent.

The single weave GI are light weight. They do not hinder the person if they want to rely upon speed and agility as a partner in their fights. The single weave is also referred to as the pearl weave and they are also very popular in exams and competitions. Of course if people really want to get into the speed and complexity of the moves, they go for the complete no GI style, which does the trick.

The double weave is the heavier weave and is preferred by people who perform well in the balance and steadiness of the art with the heavy weight of the GI. These weaves are also called the gold weave and are quite popular. There is no reason why they should be considered inferior or superior to the light weaves.


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