Nazis On Strike

Nazis are going down!

Help Stop The Nazis!

Nazis are trying to take control of the Japanese and the Americans and declaring war against America and putting Jews in concentration camps because of their race an what they believe in.

Hitler Is Going Down!

Hitler has sent all the Jews in ghetto and they could not leave they only time they could is if they have a job and they were doing slave work and the German solders are getting payed for sitting around doing nothing and hitler is sending all the Jews into camps where they barley eat and work hours on end

Hitlers against Jews!

Guaranteed hitler is going down

Hitlers promise

Hitler wanted to erase all of the Jewish population and no one new why millions and millions of Jew where being killed everyday and the world kept silence from everything and didn't really care about what was going on around them some people say the reason he killed so many Jews was because he just believed it was the right thing to do. Hitler is just a sick man.

We are against hitler

It's time that we all help out to capture hitler and the ss