EMS OPS Report

Winter 2016- Weeks 5/6

Great Job Everyone!

Hello Everyone,

We made it past the halfway point and are already a few short weeks away from the end of the Winter 2016 Term. Everyone is doing an excellent job making sure our students are compliant with the Uniform Policy and Code of Conduct.

Remember that our standards are only as good as what we choose to tolerate.

Please continue to push our students to study and become self-directed learners. We can show them what to do, but the only way they will be successful is by doing the hard work themselves.

Please review the following information and contact me with any questions or concerns.

Anders Wisdom

EMS Program Director
Baker College of Clinton Township

EMS Training Center

34401 South Gratiot Ave.

Clinton Township, MI 48035
Office: 586-790-9438

Fax: 586-790-5211

Student Advising and Registration

Classroom and Skills Lab Instructors-

Please make sure you advise your students to visit Financial Services and Academic Advising so they can prepare for registration in Week 7

Please remind your students that Week 6 is Advising week and Week 7 is Registration Week.

Students will register in class using their Labtops during Week 7.

Winter 2016 Kickoff-Technology Integration Form

Please complete the Technology Integration Form if you have not already done so.



Paramedic Course Schedule Change

All paramedic courses will change back to 1 day per week starting in the Spring.

Medic 5 will now be reduced to 6 hours (9-3).

The New paramedic course starting in the Spring 2016 Term will be on Mondays 9am-9pm.

The Spring 2016 Paramedic 5 course will be on Wednesdays 9am-3pm.

American Heart Association Instructors

The 2015 Instructor Updates are now available on the AHA Instructor Network. This short online update course must be completed and the certificate of completion mailed, scanned or faxed to me in order to continue teaching any AHA course.

Please log into the instructor network (www.ahainstructornetwork.org) in order to complete the update course in your specified discipline. If you are an instructor in multiple disciplines, you must complete each update and send each certificate. I do not have access to your username and password so any issues with logging in will need to be directed to the AHA either by email or phone. The online update class for each discipline is roughly 1 hr long.

Employee Schedule

It is important for us to make sure that we have an adequate number of personnel assigned for the skills lab sessions. Because of our busy schedules this can be difficult at times. Ideally, we should always have a ratio of at least 1 instructor for every 6 students. Please attempt to review the Skills Lab Instructor schedule as often as possible and if there is an opening, request to be assigned if you are able. I will The schedule is not posted online so it will be possible to see updates to the schedule on a daily and weekly basis. If you would like to pick up a shift please contact any of the following people who are able to make updates: Doug Rose, Anders Wisdom, John Schwall, Warren Happell.

The employee schedule has been shared with all employees as a Google Sheet. You can use the following link:


For this to be successfully implemented, it will be necessary for you to make sure you are familiar with Google Drive, Google, Sheets, and Google Calendar. These are all free apps that are included with your Baker Gmail Account.

Please watch the following video and remember to be careful when on scene:

Just Slow Down - Collateral Damage