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About Canada

In Canada, they eat breakfast straight in the morning when they wake up. Most people eat it around 8-9. For lunch, Canadians eat around 12 or 1 pm. Last, a normal dinner is eaten around 6-7:30 which is towards the night. In the morning, most adults will drink tea or coffee with their breakfast. Tea is mostly popular with the people with an English heritage. For dinner, The fork is placed on the left, while the knife is placed on the right. After someone has finished their meal, they place their utensils on top of the plate to show that they are done. During a meal, keep your hands above the table. After the meal is done, you may then place your elbows on the table. If you place your elbows on the table during the meal, it is a sign of disrespect. When it starts getting warm out, people like to eat lunch and dinner outside, especially at a restaurant. At a restaurant, it is normal to tip 15% as the minimum. For meals, it is common to order or make seafood because people fish in the Atlantic areas. Another food that is easy to find is cheese and other dairy products. People usually use a lot of dairy products in food when they cook. Potatoes and read meats are eaten for dinner a lot too. A popular fast food is poutine, which is french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Wild rice, smoke fish, beef ,ethnic dishes and other foods are found around Canada

Something that Canada is known for is their maple syrup. It is a topping for desserts and breakfasts.

Eating in Russia

Breakfast is usually around 6 or 7:30 am, before adults go to work and kids go to school. Sometimes, people will have a small snack of coffee, tea, yogurts, or fruit as a second breakfast. Lunch is eaten around 1 pm. At 6 or 7 pm, dinner is eaten with the family. In the morning, coffee, tea, or water are put with breakfast. Borsch, which is a vegetable soup with beets, potatoes, cabbage, and carrots, is a popular food. Soup is very common for lunch or dinner. At dinner, some main meals are salad, soup, meat with rice, potatoes, and vegetables. Pirozhki is a stuffed bread that is also popular and is referred to as a "fast food" since it is easy to make. Many people buy and eat more breads because pork, sausage, cheeses, can get expensive. Foods can get too expensive so most families won't go out to eat because, but in bigger cities people will go out to eat with friends and sometimes families. People from smaller towns will grow their own fruits and vegetables to eat or sell.

At dinner, people will keep their hands above the table and out of their laps. The fork is in the left hand, and the knife in the right, even though most only use a fork.

Chocolate Salami Recipe-

Foods of Greenland

ullaakkorsiutit (breakfast), ullup qeqqa (lunch), unnukkut (dinner). guests serve themselves. bread, cereal, and coffee or tea for breakfast. For most people, eating out is too expensive. in areas where the sun does not set, set meals dont happen as often. families eat breakfast and dinner together. Dinner is the most important meal of the day. Start dinner by saying takanna (serve yourselves) or nerinbiaritsi (eat). Most people will eat three meals a day.