Thomas Wade "tom" Landry

The Coach who Shaped Football

Who is Tom Landry ?

Tom Landry, mostly known for his suits and fedora hat, coached the Dallas Cowboys for a little more than 28 years(1960-1988) . Landry was the founding coach of the Cowboys who molded them into a NFL team. Not only did he mold the Cowboys to a team, he also helped establish professional football as the nation's premier spectator sport.

5 + facts about Tom Landry

1) Led the Cowboys to 20 consecutive winning season

2) Led the Cowboys to 18 postseason appearances

3) Won 13 division championships w/ the Cowboys

4) Won 5 NFC titles w/ Cowboys

5) Coached the Cowboys to 5 superbowls, but only won 2

6) Revived the shotgun offense in the NFL

2 ways Landry Affected the Dallas Cowboys

1) tom Landry created the 4-3 defensive formation that created the Cowboys "Doomsday Defense"

2) Landry also helped restore the image, dubbed the city of hate after the 1963 assassination of president JFK, into a city well known for its All-American football team, his strong work ethic, determination, and christian belief gave the Cowboys fuel for success and earned them their nickname... "America's Team"

My Reasons ...

I choose to do Tom Landry for this project because he is very inspiring and he was a determined type of person. Even though i wasn't alive during his time i've heard a lot of great stuff about him, it must have been really hard to be coaching during his time with all of commotion of JFK's assassination.His first year coaching the Cowboys wasn't so good, he led Dallas to a NON-WINNING season... but he didnt let that stop him from getting them 2 super bowl and being America's Team !
Tom Landry - The Athlete