Night content questions

By Craig Fee

How did camp life change the prisoners as a person? a family? and relationships with other human beings

The only thing they trusted was that they were going to die, some children beat there fathers because of certain privileges they were given, and they no longer cared about their fellow human beings they were only worried about there next meal

Three themes i found in the novel

1. when they came to the camp they were full of faith in god and each other, but after a few weeks they no longer believed god even existed.

2. they were separated and pulled away from there families and many of them never saw each other again.

3. how many so many times they were filled with hope when they were told the Americans were going to liberate them and then they were moved or the Americans never came so there hope was ripped from them

Nazi leaders

What this novel reveals to me as a human being

reading it makes me feel ashamed and guilty about complaining about anything in my life because i always have food my family and my faith that was all taken away from them.