The Giving Tree

"Once There Was A Tree...And She Loved A Little Boy".


Who knew a tree could love so much? Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree is a timeless tale of a tenacious bond between a tree and a young boy. If the boy wasn’t swinging from her branches, he was eating her apples or sliding down her trunk- and this made the tree very happy. As time passes, the aging boy’s visits become scarce; he only comes around when he is in need of something. The tree will sacrifice anything in order to fill the void in the boy’s life, even if that means giving up part of herself. Will her selflessness reach a limit or will her unconditional love provide the boy with everything he asks for?

Adding to the Classroom

  • Kids can share nice things they do for one another
  • Good for positive reinforcement

To Get you thinking?

  • Has anyone read this story before?
  • Would you incorporate this story into your classroom in the future? Why or why not?