Monday Minutes

January 14, 2019

Happy College Week! College week is one of my favorite weeks of the schools year because it provides an opportunity for us to expose students to different education options beyond high school. The knowledge about college varies from student to student on our campus. While most students know what college is, many do not know much beyond that. College week affords us the opportunity to address the W questions:

Who - who goes to college

What - what is college and what does it do for you

Where - where might students attend college - local, far away, public, private

When - when do students start preparing for college, when do students begin taking college coursework, and when do students go to college

Why - why do students go to college

Of course, the H question is also very important:

How - how will college be a possibility for all students?

Please take the time this week to infuse a college culture in your classroom. Share your favorite college experiences with your students and allow them to research more about college. Andi has provided wonderful ideas for each day next week, so consider using that as a guide for your discussions each day.

I'm looking forward to this week. Please let me know if you want me to pop in and talk about my college experiences with your students!

Instructional Minute

I came across a couple of tools for self-reflection and goal setting in reading and writing. I have attached those at the bottom of this newsletter. This is the perfect time of year to have students reflect on their learning thus far in order to make goals for the remainder of the year. Consider using these tools or other similar tools to have students reflect on their skills, then coach them through goal setting.

Upcoming Events

January 14-18 College Week

January 15 - All Pro Dad's Breakfast

January 15 - Science Fair

January 16 - 5th grade Fine Arts Field Trip to SMS

January 16 - Team Leader Meeting

January 18 - PTA GAM 8:30 am

January 21 - MLK Holiday

January 23 - Principal meeting (Wendy out AM)

January 24-25 - Wendy out

January 31 - SBIC Meeting 4:00 PM

February 4 - Progress Notes

February 5 - Extended planning

February 6 - TL Meeting