Hrothgar Times

Special Edition Beowulf Issue

Beowulf - Major Events

The Wrath of Grendel

For our readers that are just learning about our saga of past harrowing times, Let me set the scene for you. Many, many moons ago, our beautiful mead hall -Herot- was terrorized night after night from a ghastly monster by the name of Grendel. Grendel's wrath went not un-challenged. Every evening, an abundant amount of drunken soldiers of our past king, Hrothgar, would sleep in the mead hall, waiting for Grendel. Grendel the savage would stop at nothing to break into the mead hall and kill however many men he pleased. this vicious cycle went on for twelve long years. Then a brave, kind warrior by the name of Beowulf offered his help.

The Coming of Beowulf

During these trying times, Hrothgar was in desperate need of a savior. This savior was Beowulf. When Beowulf heard of Grendel's wrath, he quickly gathered the strongest and bravest of the Geats, and sailed off to the distant Danish shore. When Beowulf arrived, he was guided into Herot to ask Hrothgar permission to fight Grendel and for his warriors to aid him in his battle. Hrothgar was more than pleased with Beowulf, because not only had Hrothgar known Beowulf's father, but they were rather close friends. In fact, Hrothgar had helped Edgetho when he was in great need for help. Also, Beowulf was known throughout the land for being mightier than the average man. After Hrothgar had welcomed the troop of Geats, they all celebrated in the mead hall, until it was near time for Grendel to make his visit. That night, after the banquet, Hrothgar and his men left Herot while Beowulf and his soldiers prepared to fight Grendel. Unknowingly, Grendel was in for the surprise of a lifetime, patiently waiting for him in the famous mead-hall.

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The Battle with Grendel

On his journey to Herot that night, Grendel could sense that something wasn't right; that something was different. Nevertheless, once he arrived at the mead-hall, he tore open the door, hungry for a feast of humans. Doing what he normally did, Grendel picked up the first human he cam upon, bit his head off, and drank the blood from his veins. When the monster was finished with his first victim, he reached for another, only to realize that this warrior had a hold of his claws. In that instant, Grendel knew that this was no ordinary man...this was Beowulf (Grendel didn't know his name though). Beowulf and Grendel fought ferociously, shaking and rattling the mighty, well-constructed Herot. The brave Geat soldiers tried to help Beowulf, but their effort was useless because Grendel had bewitched all men's weapons to become dull. After an intense night of herculean fighting, Beowulf finally tired Grendel, Ultimately tearing off his entire arm. The terrible beast trudged back to his lair only to slowly die by himself. The great victory of the Geat prince was celebrated all the next day.
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The Monster's Lair

Deep under the lake where Grendel had died, lived another feisty monster. This monster was Grendel's mother. As you can probably guess, Grendel's mother was not too happy about the death of her beloved son. Therefore, as a result, she trekked to Herot during the night, and broke in when they were least-expecting it. The she-monster ravaged and plundered the mead-hall, taking only a single victim and the arm of her son. This soldier that she had killed, however, was one of Hrothgar's most-beloved friends and was a highly-extolled man. When the king heard of this news, he immediately sent Beowulf and his clan to track the monster and kill her, once and for all. So, Beowulf set out on his journey and traveled all the was to the poisonous lake, to the monster's lair.

The Battle With Grendel's Mother

Continuing his search, Beowulf leaped straight into the water without remorse. After swimming for hours, Beowulf finally met the monster at the bottom of the lake. Immediately, the two started fighting, after awhile, Beowulf tried to kill the beast with a slash of his sword, but his sword was no match for the she-beast. Grendel's mother saw her opportunity to kill Beowulf. Fortunately, the armor the Beowulf was wearing saved him. The hero then gathered up his strength and heaved a large sword off the wall of the cave. This sword was different from the others; it was capable of killing this monster. Lifting the sword above his head, Beowulf brought the sword down on the monster and watched the life drain out of her body. After this victory, the kingdom rejoiced in Beowulf's amazing heroism and bravery.

The Last Battle

Fifty winters later, the den of a fire-breathing dragon was disturbed by a petty thief. Knowing that this might be his last battle, Beowulf went into this fight with an army behind him, wanting to aid him if the need arose. So Beowulf was off again, this time much older, and tracked down the Dragon's lair. The dragon sensed him right away, and made his way out of his cave to fight the hero. Unlike the other battles, Beowulf was not in the best physical condition, and soon, the dragon had him pinned down and was ready to kill him. Thankfully, a single follower of Beowulf was still faithful and brave enough to help the failing man. So without the Dragon's knowledge, the follower lept to the rescue and killed the dragon. However, Beowulf was still slowly dying and passed to point of saving. So as Beowulf took his final breath, he told his follower how proud he has of him and gave him a few last orders before he died. After his death, the Geats built a mighty tower near to the spot where Beowulf had died, to honor their brave and heroic king.